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September. Now for some this month brings back haunting flashbacks of school hallways and homework and the never ending panic attacks of whether you are enough in this society and system. For others, one in particular, it brings back the gutted feeling in their stomach of losing a loved one….


This is your yearly reminder that the wake me up when september ends jokes ARE NEVER IN YOUR FUCKING LIFE EVER FUNNY!!!!!!!for the following reason: billie joe armstrong (the singer/rhythm guitar) wrote the song about his dad. who died of cancer when billie was little. so you can imagine why he…

Wake me up when september ends


K, listen! I’m a green day blog so i know the background of the band. And i am aware that billie joe’s dad died from cancer when he was 10. His dad died in September which is why the title of the song is titled “wake me up when september ends” so if anyone is gonna be an asshole and make jokes like “someone needs to wake that guy from green day up” or some shit then fuck off becuz u r an insensitive asshole.


So tomorrow is September the 1st and if I hear any “Wake Me Up When September Ends” jokes, just think about what you’re actually referencing. On September 10th (I believe) Billie Joe Armstrong’s dad died. So take your stupid jokes and throw them out the window and stop being disrespectful


You guys do realize that Wake Me Up When September Ends is about Billie Joe Armstrong’s dead father? Meaning it’s really shitty of you to make jokes about it? Kthnxbye.

I think im gonna avoid tumblr until the Wake Me Up When September Ends jokes stop…because i think its really disrespectful!


If I hear any Wake Me Up When September Ends jokes from anyone, prepare to get blocked.